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WP Notes Widget PRO Launched

WP Notes Widget PRO has been launched and is available for purchase and download! WP Notes Widget PRO is the premium version of WP Notes Widget.

Admin Code Editor

In many of the recent projects I worked on, I had a need for a customized, specialized, interactive component within the post. I needed custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to achieve this. But, if you have ever tried to write code in the WordPress content editor you have likely found it is a difficult and frustrating process. This is not unexpected. The content editor was designed to allow users to enter and style content without (or very minimal) touching of any code. It was not intended to be a code editor. You can end up with random

tags in your code, no code highlighting or tab indenting, just to name a few of the limitations.

Some may argue that code of this nature belongs in the theme files. There are a couple reasons why I took this approach rather than integrating the code into the theme files:

I felt making a custom template within the theme was overkill
would also involve integrating the post specific css/js into the theme files, would clutter the repo and files with files only relevant to that post
In general, it is good practice to separate site content with theme files. I feel that even though we are working with HTML, CSS, JS, it really is more content than ‘theme files’, so it is appropriate to include it within WordPress database rather than theme files

As with all of my plugins, I had a problem to be solved so I created a solution. I thought this solution might be useful to others so you can checkout the public plugin at You’ll find more detailed information there as well.

Custom Ratings

There are some great rating plugins out there in the WordPress universe. All of them have their own approach to allowing users to rate a post, comment or other content type. I had a need for a plugin which added a rating interface in a more light weight and streamlined way.  Custom Ratings was created to fill this need.

As usual, you can find this in the WordPress plugin repository and read a more detailed description on the plugin page:

Notes Widget Wrapper

WP Notes Widget is great at organizing ‘note’ content and displaying it in a standardized way on the front end. However, based on the feedback from WP Notes Widget there was an interest in applying the ‘note’ front end styling in a more flexible way.  Notes Widget Wrapper was created to achieve this. This plugin works very differently than WP Notes Widget. It gives you the freedom and ability to style any WordPress widget with the note styling. It does not confine your content to a rigid structure.

You can find this in the WordPress plugin repository or download it directly from You can read a longer description about the plugin there too.

WP Notes Widget

I created the WP Notes Widget WordPress plugin because I found quite often I had information I wanted to express on a website, but it did not really ‘fit’ in a post or page for a few reasons:

  • the length of the content content was very short
  • the nature of the content was very important and often time sensitive, so it needed to be displayed prominently
  • only relevant in the near future, no need to keep an archive since the information won’t be useful later

The plugin allows you to present this content in a ‘sticky note’ styling on the front end, which fits nicely with the nature of the content. I could see other website creators/manager most likely had this problem too, so I released it publicly. This was released a few years ago and I have made several updates since then.

You can find this in the WordPress plugin repository or download it directly from You can read a longer description about the plugin there too.