WP Notes Widget

I created the WP Notes Widget WordPress plugin because I found quite often I had information I wanted to express on a website, but it did not really ‘fit’ in a post or page for a few reasons:

  • the length of the content content was very short
  • the nature of the content was very important and often time sensitive, so it needed to be displayed prominently
  • only relevant in the near future, no need to keep an archive since the information won’t be useful later

The plugin allows you to present this content in a ‘sticky note’ styling on the front end, which fits nicely with the nature of the content. I could see other website creators/manager most likely had this problem too, so I released it publicly. This was released a few years ago and I have made several updates since then.

You can find this in the WordPress plugin repository or download it directly from https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-notes-widget/. You can read a longer description about the plugin there too.

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