Web Rockstar Website Adjustments

I have made a few adjustments to webrockstar.net recently. When I first launched the new redesign a few years ago I just got the MVP up and running. I found some time to do the next round of adjustments and enhancements:

  • created a new post type for 'free plugins' and 'pro plugins' rather than just a category of posts
  • reworked the home page hero to showcase the 3 main post types
  • reworked the front page template to show the 3 main post types of webrockstar.net: posts, free plugins, pro plugins
  • removed the author line (it will always be me!)
  • reworked the archive templates to show cards rather than the full listing of posts
  • improved the markup with proper HTML5 semantic elements

I built this latest version of webrockstar.net with FoundationPress (A WordPress starter theme based on the Foundation Framework). When it comes to front end web frameworks there is basically Bootstrap and Foundation. I like the Foundation framework for projects that are more on the 'website' side of the spectrum rather than 'web application'. I feel Foundation gives more flexibility with branding and visual uniqueness. Branding and visual uniqueness have more importance on a 'website'. On the other hand Bootstrap has more pre built components that come in handy with projects that are more of a 'web application'. FoundationPress is good and you may want to check it out. But for my next project I plan on checking out JointsWP. It still uses the Foundation framework as it's base but give more of a 'bare bones' starting point which is what I like.

Take a look at the old home page for comparison:

The home page before the adjustments.

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