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Notes Widget Wrapper PRO

Wrap sections of your post content with sticky note styling.

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WP Notes Widget PRO

Place notes in your posts, pages, and other post types with shortcodes. Available in WP Notes Widget PRO!

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Notes Widget Wrapper

Notes Widget Wrapper wraps your widget in a “sticky note” style box and displays the text in a hand writing style. Although this plugin may work with numerous widgets, it has been developed with the intended use of applying a “sticky note” style to custom HTML content. The built in “Text” and “Custom HTML” WordPress widgets work great with Notes Widget Wrapper.

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WP Notes Widget

Posts and pages have their own characteristics and uses, but sometimes there is a need to display important, very short, time sensitive information which don’t really fit into a post or page. WP Notes Widget fills this gap. The visual design is similar to real sticky notes which adds to the effective communication of the message.

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Custom Ratings

Custom Ratings is a fun and creative tool that allows your visitors to interact and rate your site content.

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Optimization Techniques for Video Listing Pages

Embedding videos (such as from YouTube) in webpages is very common on websites. You may not be aware, but embedding videos can cause web pages to load slower. If you embed 1 video on a webpage you likely won’t notice much of a difference. However, if you were to create a video listing page (even […]

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Web Rockstar Website Adjustments

I have made a few adjustments to recently. When I first launched the new redesign a few years ago I just got the MVP up and running. I found some time to do the next round of adjustments and enhancements.

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Notes Widget Wrapper PRO Launched!

Notes Widget Wrapper PRO is now available! Featuring shortcodes and more!

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